Built-in (Official Nokia) Video Centre for S60 v3 FP1

Here is the Official N-Series Video Center (Built-in for N95) attached. Install it on any FP1 phone and enjoy!
Though the program is official, the download is unofficial.


Worldmate for s60 3rd edition v7.00.41

Worldmate for s60 3rd edition v7.00.41 [UPDATED]

Worldmate for s60 3rd edition v7.0041 (updated)
The heart of the new version of worldmate is the new home screen or "Dashboard" that gives you some of the key info you need at a glance, including the current location,date,weather and status of your upcoming flight.

P.S. Its free version,not PRO.

WorldMate v7.0014.zip

Samsung gets official with 8 megapixel SCH-W740

We first caught wind of Samsung's SCH-W740 way back on Halloween of last year, and at long last the handset has gone official over in South Korea. Matching up with LG's Renoir, Nokia's N86 and a slew of other emerging 8 megapixel phones, the W740 packs a pretty stellar camera along with a 3.3-inch touchscreen, HSUPA, Bluetooth 2.0, an e-dictionary, T-DMB TV tuner and loads of haptic feedback. As for the camera itself, it features face detection, scene modes, a Xenon flash and a smile shutter for good measure. Word on the street has it surfacing soon for ₩900,000 ($660).

Nokia Intrigue for Verizon hands-on

Nokia isn't typically known for its virtually non-existent CDMA fare, but the situation's gotten better in the last year or so -- ostensibly to capitalize on Nokia's already commanding position in the Chinese market, but also possibly to help the boys and girls from Espoo win some points with Verizon ahead of the LTE migration. It's no secret that Nokia intends to invest big in LTE, and seeing how Verizon is one of the larger carriers in the world, it only stands to reason that manufacturers would be doing everything in their power right now to get in on the ground floor. To that end, Nokia has worked with Verizon to introduce the 2605 and 6205 in recent months, but let's be very honest -- they're forgettable devices with little to differentiate them from their countless competitors in the dog-eat-dog midrange. They're not phones that you aspire to own.

Enter the Intrigue. This is the phone has Nokia screaming "we do give a crap about CDMA" from the tops of the hills; a phone so good, so pretty, and so uncharacteristically Nokia for this market segment, that we're a little bewildered by the whole thing. Read on for our quick take.

Nokia shows off song-inspired Bluetooth headset designs

It didn't exactly cause that big a stir when it was first announced, but it looks like Nokia's Music Almighty headset design competition still managed to attract a respectable 6,000 entrants, and Nokia is now showing off the five winners that have been manufactured as fully-functional, one-off headsets. The hook of the contest is that all of the headsets had to be inspired by a song, which expectedly drew a whole range of designs from the stylish Daft Punk "Robot Rock" set above to feat of subtlety that is the R. Kelly "I Believe I Can Fly" headset after the break. Hit up the link below to check out the remaining winners, including not one but two Michael Jackson-inspired sets, and look for the whole lot to make their way to the Nokia Regent Street Flagship store in London next month.

Acer F1 coming in September, powered by Snapdragon?

Is one of Acer's mysterious smartphones packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon? According to the folks at All About Phones who reportedly attended an Acer event recently, the F1 will be running the 800MHz ARM chip, which is a tad slower than the 1000MHz equivalent in the TG01. The device will be Windows Mobile 6.5-based, but that's supposedly gonna be shrouded by a Flash-based Acer Suite 2.0 shell. The report also mentions a September release, which jibes with what we saw on that makeshift roadmap at Mobile World Congress, and a 560 Euro ($760) price tag. Nothing's confirmed, but between Acer, HTC, Samsung, and LG, surely someone's gearing up to join Toshiba in the Snapdragon bandwagon.

Nokia's 7205 Intrigue for Verizon now available

Right on schedule, the Nokia 7205 Intrigue for Verizon Wireless is online and ready for purchase. Price is exactly in-line with expectations as well, at $180 with a two-year contract, plus a handy $50 rebate to bring it down to $130. Design-wise the flip phone is already a long ways ahead of the frumpy Nokia 6205, at a mere 0.55-inches thick, but there's nothing much here to get Nokia's GSM customers jealous -- other than that subsidized price, of course. The handset has a 2 megapixel camera, A2DP Bluetooth, a fancy new homescreen (including Habitat Mode), PMOLED display on the back cover, and a microSD slot.